[Wolves] SCSI CD/RW

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 18:15:23 BST 2004

 --- "Mark R. Trotman" <mark at armscroft.com> wrote: 
> I'm a bit behind with the hardware advances these
> days but I am having a 
> problem with cdrecord and my old(?) ATAPI CD/RW
> which used to work OK 
> under RH7 but no longer does with FC2. To save yet
> more heart ache (and 
> ear ache from SWMBO), I thought I'd hunt down a new
> SCSI device but what 
> to buy. Any techno junkies care to advise me?

Hi Mark, I'm neither a SCSI nor a FC2 man, but I'm
guessing that the problem is in some way related to
the change in the way 2.6 kernels handle atapi CD
burners. 2.4 series kernels used ide-scsi emulation
for CD burning while the 2.6 series no longer uses
scsi emulation. I think a few programs got broken in
the change.

I did a google search for this kind of problem and the
results looked kind of useful but I didn't look
closely enough to find the answer.


I'm kind of hoping some of the other FC people can
help, I just thought I'd offer some pointers while the
list is quiet.




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