[Wolves] Window$-only radio

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 18 01:02:22 BST 2004

Stuart Langridge wrote:

> Ha! That's me, sparkes, and Helen R outed as Archers listeners. Anyone 
> else? :)
> Aq.

I feel a bit guilty for having started off the process that unearthed 
these dark secrets. I may listen to 'Kerrang!' but not exclusively. I 
listen to the R4 6:30 comedy show (except 'Just a Minute', for obvious 
reasons) and Front Row but that's as much as I'm willing to admit. It 
just isn't fair after all the work Debbie has put in while Adam was away..

As for the Kerrang! DJs, I like Ugly Phil and the guy with a head full 
of musical trivia that follows the breakfast show. I recommend the 
Sunday evening unsigned bands show too. The DJ's are so condescending 
that they are funny. Would anyone be willing to collate the advice you 
all gave me into a brief set of  instructions on the LUG site? Perhaps  
we could persuade Kerrang to add a link next  the Windows Media Player 
logo on their web site? It could be an opening for LUG Radio to get a 
late night show or to give Jono his last chance of musical stardom now 
he is over the hill (belated Happy B.)

Thanks for the mplayer advice Sparkes et al. I didn't even consider the 
possibility that there would be a solution for Linux. I've become very 
cynical about Microsoft protocols, particularly the 'open' ones. I've 
recently acquired a DVD drive for my Tosh portable so my next job was to 
find a player. I think I know where to start looking now, so cheers. 
What is the legal status of the code? I read that M$ were willing to 
license the technology but that is usually a spoiling tactic for free 

I'm in the process of moving from Mozilla to Firefox and Thunderbird and 
came across MozPlugger a few days ago when I was trying to work out why 
Real Player 8 wouldn't play back the first 'Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the 
Nation' for me. I  side-stepped it by upgrading to Real Player 10 for 
Linux without ever working out what it did. The link from Radio 4 tells 
you how to install RP10 for Mozilla but misses out that you have to 
manually copy a couple of files over to the Firefox tree too.


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