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kev adams kev at magicmoon.co.uk
Wed Sep 22 11:31:27 BST 2004

Wolves LUG (Operation Big Bash)
Wed 22 Sep 2004 - 7.30pm
The Standard, Cleveland Street, Wolves,

1. Jono
2. Ade (still older than Jono)
3. Aq. (isn't this the big drinking session for
Jono's birthday?)

No Go's:
1. woo
2. fizz - friends 22nd birthday, I feel old :(
3. Kev

Late Go's:
1. Dan (I will /try/ to make it but I am working
earlier in the evening
 - it all depends how it goes.  If I don't make it
have one for me. ;) )

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