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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Wed Sep 22 14:35:15 BST 2004

Wolves LUG (Operation Big Bash)
Wed 22 Sep 2004 - 7.30pm
The Standard, Cleveland Street, Wolves,

1. Jono
2. Ade (still older than Jono)
3. Aq. (isn't this the big drinking session for Jono's birthday?)
4. Ron (Ok, I'm being greedy, 2 meets in one week)

No Go's:
1. woo
2. fizz - friends 22nd birthday, I feel old :(
3. Kev

Late Go's:
1. Dan (I will /try/ to make it but I am working earlier in the evening - it all depends how it goes.  If I don't make it have one for me. ;) )

Ron Wellsted
ron at wellsted.org.uk
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