[Wolves] Netgear FVL328

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 23 15:53:40 BST 2004

Chris Ball wrote:

> From: "Ron Wellsted" <ron at wellsted.org.uk>
> "Checking on the specs of the FVL328, it should work through a non-NAT
> router.  give us some more details about your setup and we might be able
> to help."
> the Zoom X5 is set up as a nat router, connecting to BT Openworld, 
> it's IP address is, it currently is just plugged into the 
> switch and the computers that want to connect to it have got it set as 
> the gateway.


Just to confirm the basics before you get onto the new complications, 
have the 2 sites ever talked to one another before? If not then I'd just 
hang 1 box off the connection at each end and get them talking first.

In their default configurations I'd guess each of of your Zoom routers 
is using the same private internal subnet number (just confirmed - 
192...) but will only be visible to the rest of the net via an 
ISP-provided 'external' IP address. There may be a simple firewall in 
the routers that will therefore be preventing all traffic between them.


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