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Philip Moore ptm48 at uklinux.net
Fri Sep 24 18:23:04 BST 2004


You are right the autodetect failed to find the correct source - as an
example I use a cd rewriter / cdrom and the cd rom setting was the default -
this was wrong and when I set (manually) the source to the cd recorder
setting it worked fine.

Philip Moore
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Thanks to those that responsed to my sound prob.
As CD sound OK in Windows, I presume that the linking of cable from the CD
to sound card is not an issue.
I will double check the volume and mute when I get home.
As regards the Yast entries under the sound option, I have no idea what they
should be. I have asked Yast (very nicely) to come up with its own
suggestions (autodetect where possible)-no joy. I have tried other sound
cards but just get error messages.
I shall have another fiddle based on the various suggestions provided by the
group ta and ta-ta
Ps if you get some guff after this text, blame it on Outlook!


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