[Wolves] Now a Linux question

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Mon Sep 27 16:11:40 BST 2004

Kevan wrote:
> OK, a serious question.  Any ideas why my Mandrake 10
> installs into hde rather than hda.  All cables, jumper
> switches on hard drives are correct.  It happens on
> two quite separate PC's.  It's just plain strange. 
> Doesn't really matter as I run SuSE 9.1 as my working
> drive/OS.

This is curious.  It sounds like the system is picking up another IDE 
controller in your system - are you using an offboard controller? (IE a 
PCI card like a Promise card or some such)  If so then in all likelihood 
there is a controller built-in to your mainboard which the system is 
seeing as /dev/hda/b/c/d.

If not, then can you do an lspci and post the results?



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