[Wolves] Digikam was If its broke don't fix it

Kevan kevanf1 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 29 11:14:59 BST 2004

 --- Andy Wootton <andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk>
> Kevan wrote:
> > Weeeeeeell..... Unfortunately it aint a decent
> Fuji
> > digcam.  It's a brand called Concord.  Very good
> > results, in fact better than my mates Canon. 
> Digikam
> > does support a couple of Concord cameras and I did
> > initially try those.
> Try:
> http://www.gphoto.org/proj/libgphoto2/support.php
> They are working on
>     "Concord Eye-Q Easy" (EXPERIMENTAL)
>     "Concord EyeQ 4330" (EXPERIMENTAL)
>     "Concord EyeQMini" (EXPERIMENTAL)
> If nothing else, the docs are good.
> Make sure that a different driver e.g. for
> video-conferencing hasn't 
> already grabbed the device. With my l'espion (that
> is what I call cheap, 
> £30 from Tesco) I have to unload a driver before
> Gphoto finds it. The 
> error message is almost completely unhelpful.
> Woo
> p.s. As for girly Woos, not unless you knew her at
> Moat Hall and she is 
> 19 next month. I don't know of any landowners in CH
> either. It is a very 
> common name in Bloxwich & Walsall.

Now, two bits of good news.  first, I took out the
unused IDE/RAID card and went for a re-install of MDK,
Mandrake 10 - remember it was only installing to hde
unlike SuSE 9.1 which went straight for hda as it
ought to :-)  Sure enough, MDK went for hda so there
was a conflict with the IDE/RAID BIOS onboard
methinks.  Oh, and the new CD -RW's are working fine,
no error messages apart from bad sig on
'binutils'....is this a significant file?

Oh all right three bits of good news then....I went
into USB View in MDK and hooked up the Concord
digicam.  It found the camera ok and gave a nice list
of all its technical spec's.  Digikam still will not
read however :-(((  I tried the nearest Concord device
but it didn't touch it.  My camera is the 4060AF.  I
have trawlled the net looking for anything on it Linux
related to no avail.  I did find a good site. I
believe - from what I have read - the manufacturers of
the Concord range don't seem to adhere to a set
standard.  Typical!  That's where the problem

I think I can also disable IDE channels 3 and 4 on the
new PC which should allow me to install MDK.  Which
would be very nice as that is the one with my printers
and scanner hooked up to it.


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