[Wolves] Samba as an Active Directory server

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Wed Sep 29 16:15:58 BST 2004

Stuart Langridge wrote:
> Is it possible to use Samba as an Active Directory server so that things 
> that need to auth against an AD server can auth against a Samba box? I'm 
> not sure whether this is for an environment with some AD servers 
> already, or one with no AD at all. If it is, can someone point me[1] at 
> some resources on how? The Samba docs are...lacking.
> Aq.
> [1] well, actually, my mate Bill,, who is cc'ed,, but it should go to 
> the list too so it gets archived...

In a word, no.  AD uses proprietary extension thingies to LDAP and 
whatnot and integrates them.  This hasn't been implemented in Samba.

It's not even on the roadmap, in fact.  This is precisely what I was 
bemoaning at the meet a few weeks ago.  You /can/ get something 
approaching an AD equivalent, but not AD itself, by implementing a slew 
of stuff and wrestling to get it all working together.

Apparently (according to I think Ron) the folks at Samba-TNG are working 
on AD, but experimentally.  I've looked for it on their site and could 
find no mention (though that could admittedly have been tiredness on my 
part) so it must be /very/ experimental... :)


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