[Wolves] Samba as an Active Directory server

Chris Ball chris at puremorning.co.uk
Thu Sep 30 09:43:19 BST 2004

> Stuart Langridge wrote:
>> Is it possible to use Samba as an Active Directory server so that things 
>> that need to auth against an AD server can auth against a Samba box? I'm 
>> not sure whether this is for an environment with some AD servers already, 
>> or one with no AD at all. If it is, can someone point me[1] at some 
>> resources on how? The Samba docs are...lacking.

Samba 3 and LDAP can act as a AD server i'm sure... there's a lot of 
documents to replace you PDC with Samba, so it shouldn't be to hard.. infact 
it's harder to get Samba to interact with AD PDC, scarily so.. i lost a 
month of my life to that

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