[Wolves] Bit Torrent is rubbish

Alan Pope alan.pope at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 13:00:51 BST 2005

On Apr 1, 2005 12:51 PM, Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi All
> This Bit Torrent stuff is crap!!

Er, no it isn't. I have downloaded masses and masses of stuff very
easily via bit torrent.

> I have been downloading a 1.66GB zip file since Tuesday, the dam thing has
> been on all day and all night the average speed has been 3KB the best
> download I've seen so far has been 9KB

But how many other people are online and have that file. If that file
isn't popular (say for example a really old distribution ISO or
something) then nobody will have it online, and you won't be able to
download it quickly - makes sense really.

> From what I can see, if I understand it correct I'm getting the download from
> one peer only and the whole of Asia is getting it from me. I've tried
> limiting the upload rate as I don't see why everyone should get it faster
> from me when its taking so long for me to get it!

And that's where your plan falls to the ground. The *whole* *point* of
peer-to-peer (and especially bit torrent is that you *share*. With bit
torrent if you limit the upload rate it automatically limits your
download rate. Nobody is going to send you stuff if you're not sharing
what you've already got.

> I limited it to 2KB upload but Ive seen the bloody thing jump to 5KB, so far I
> have 87.8% with 208MB remaining.

Rate limiting isn't an exact science.

So you have 88% of a file that, say 1.4GB over a few days. What did
you expect? The file to come down immediately? You're dependant as I
said on other people sharing the file. Bit torrent works best for
files that are popular - recent episodes of Dr Who, Star Trek and 24
if the media are to be believed are very popular and thus download

> I thought this Bit Torrent stuff was supposed to be quicker and kinder? I mean
> for gods sake 'Torrent' my arse I'd have been quicker using FTP

It's quicker yes if you can find an ftp site with the file and that
site isn't swamped with connections already.

> I was gonna play with the download last night, no chance, OK I thought its at
> 78% it should be done for Friday morning (Today), you must be kidding so I
> wont be playing with it tonight or Saturday or Sunday I just hope its done by
> Monday!!

Leave it running overnight with NO limit and see what you get. 

> As soon as its finished guess whats getting un-installed

Your loss.


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