[Wolves] Bit Torrent is rubbish

Steve Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Fri Apr 1 21:40:53 BST 2005

On 1 Apr 2005, at 16:40, Alan Pope wrote:
> BZZZZT. "I'm using broadband (so that should be quick)". How on earth
> does that compute? I have a fast car, doesn't mean I can get from here
> to London in 10 minutes. There's other factors to take into account -
> like - as I am tired of saying - how many other people have the file.

That's one fast car you've got Alan, but I should be able to get there 
in 45mins flat out shouldn't I? about 10mins after Aq before he starts 
up and a got 30 mins before Ades monster truck.


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