[Wolves] Macs, Linux et al

Katherine Goodwin kat at codepoets.co.uk
Fri Apr 8 16:13:33 BST 2005

Kevanf1 wrote :
> I know that you can run Linux on a Mac using the Yellow Dog distro. 
> But, can you run FreeBSD?  What about running XP on a Mac? Is it
> possible?  Just curious as I don't own one but I'm plain interested
> and being as one or two people on here have Mac's :-)))
I can't give a technical answer on this..
You can run lots of other varieties of Linux on Macs - I run Ubuntu for PPC on my ibook
I don't think you can install Windows on them, but I believe there are windows emulators
you can get...

Not a very useful answer I suspect...


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