[Wolves] Macs, Linux et al

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Fri Apr 8 18:06:16 BST 2005

> you can run loads of linux distro's (currently Linux
> uses a PPC machine)

To run Linus on... :-)

> and as MacOS X is built on a freeBSD base
> you can also run the BSD's.  I think netBSD was the
> first to offer support but the big three all run

I am actually surprised the freebsd dont but its not
on their website (they have alpha amd64 i386 ia64 pc98
sparc64 but no ppc, what is pc98??)

> You can't directly run Windows on a mac since MS has
> never offered this as an option but there are a 
> couple of techniques to get windows software

Much as I hate to contradict our beloved sparkes once
again, microsoft did offer windows on ppc many years
ago, I have in my grubby hands a winNT server disk
that claims pentium, MIPS, R4x00, Alpha, and PowerPC
support. They stopped supporting the others because
all existing software had to be recompiled to work on
them, so no-one produced software, and when your
uptimes are measured in hours cheap and crappy
hardware is better then expensive and stable.

I think installing WinNT for ppc may be a project for
when I get my new mac.

So so far we know me, Kat, and sparkes all use apple
hardware, I belive jono has a powerbook, any other

chris (Linux at work, mainly OSX at home)

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