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Katherine Goodwin kat at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Apr 13 11:04:24 BST 2005

Jono Bacon wrote :
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> > > Any other dog owners here other than kat, dave and
> > > matt?
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> > 
> > I've got a scruffy mongreal named Sue, who I had to
> > leave at home when 
> > I got my
> > bedsit. She's about 10 now with asthma but still
> > rocks though.
> How did you find her when you left her at home. Banger
> will be staying at home during the day, and he seems
> to be becoming more comfortable being left.
>   Jono
Bob has never had a problem with being left alone in terms of anxiety, but when we got him
from the rescue centre he was a real problem attention seeker (chewing everyone and
everything in sight, and not just when left alone) as he had been kept in a flat with a
single parent who had a baby - not much attention left for bob!
On that front, he calmed down quite quickly, and now restricts himself to his own toys,
and any interesting cardboard objects he can steal from the recycling.

Cassie suffers quite badly from seperation anxiety.  She was really attached to her
previous owner and quickly transferred the obsession to David.  However, she only really
seems to get upset if we leave her somewhere that's not home.  If she's at home she knows
we're coming back and doesn't seem to be at all bothered. I think it also helps that when
she goes into kennels, we leave Bob with her (btw, the kennels we use are excellent, and
the owners spoil the dogs rotten if you need kennels)

I think time, and making sure they've had a fuss, and when they're older, a good walk,
before you leave will keep them happy.  When we first got bob, we read a forum called
dogpages (http://www.dogpages.org.uk/) and the advice there was that you shouldn't leave a
puppy on their own longer than the same number of hours as they are months old.
(thankfully bob was already 6 months old and I was on my uni summer hols)

I think company of other dogs is helpful in preventing them getting lonely, but obviously
2 dogs are an even bigger responsibility than the first.

Once Banger is older, we should have a wolveslug dog walking outing :-) (wolvesdogs?)


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