[Wolves] bullring apple store

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Thu Apr 21 09:19:47 BST 2005

On the top floor of the Bullring near the doors next
to the big statue of a bull, on the same floor as
dixons and the opposite end from Selfridges there is a
store covered in a black hording with a single ten
foot high apple logo on it. I assume thats going to be
the store. Of course it may just be a cunning double
bluff designed to confuse the rumour mongers.

There is also an apple shop in the Pallisades
(shopping center next to HSBC) thats not an official
Apple Store thats been there a while.

All apple kit is nice, the big question is wether its
nice enough to convince your bank manager...

In related news someone has built the worlds most
colourfull beowulf cluster out of iMacs
(http://ts2.rwic.und.edu/). I doubt IBM are quaking in
their boots just yet.


--- roundyz <roundyz at hotpop.com> wrote:
> i went to brum today and i seen the store its not
> actually in the bullring its 
> self.
> like those apple shuffle mp3 devices though, very
> nice..

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