[Wolves] Re: Wolves Digest, Vol 83, Issue 7

roundyz roundyz at hotpop.com
Fri Apr 22 18:01:09 BST 2005

> I've just found out that ther is a beta version of something called
> IronPython from Microsoft which is essentially python.Net. This is
> supposed to be a part of the next visual studio release.
> I'm inttending to take a look when/if i setup a windoze box. but MS
> makeing a .net release of a open sourced language?

M$ do it all the time borrow this and that, change it, implement it into thier 
software, push for software patents, pay them and bully out the small man, 
shame really.....

I used to like m$ before. They do deserve our respect really...(???) but 
practising the above just aint right. There was an interview with the creator 
of python in a recent issue of LFM. I dont recall him mentioning m$.

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