[Wolves] MS Python.net

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 27 00:05:52 BST 2005

Simon Burke wrote:

>On 4/24/05, David Goodwin <david at codepoets.co.uk> wrote:
>>Simon Burke wrote:
>>>Hiya all,
>>>I've just found out that ther is a beta version of something called
>>>IronPython from Microsoft which is essentially python.Net. 
>>t might be worse than that.... someone was telling me the other day
>>that there are core python developers employed by MS.
>Dont they ever come up with their own ideas, we better watch out they
>might try and patent it. :P
My reading of this story is that Iron Python is the work of a core 
Python developer who likes .Net. It is free software written for the 
.Net Common Language Runtime and he has now accepted the Microsoft 
Shilling to save having to live without sleep. Clearly Microsoft's 
motivation is to pull Python hackers over onto .Net. Microsoft are 
making all the right noises about .Net being an open, multi-platform 
standard. It seems to be regarded as a very efficient development 
platform by everyone who has looked at it seriously. Maybe Bill has 
decided he has enough money now and he just wants to play nicely with 
the others. Or maybe not. Ask Aq.



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