[Wolves] Two quick questions:

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 13:19:21 BST 2005

Stuart Langridge wrote:

>On 4/28/05, Wayne Morris <wayne at machx.co.uk> wrote:
>>I've just about figured out using SCP to copy files from linux host to
>>linux host, but can't quite get the sysntax right for
>>copying from a linux host to a windows host (where I am running putty).
>>It should be :
>>scp root at linuxbox:/home/username/* c:\destination\*
>>or not?
>Nearly. Think of it as a COPY command: if you want to copy lots of
>files to a directory then you just specify the directory as the second
>COPY c:\source\*.* c:\destination\
>and scp works the same way
>scp user at linux:/home/user/source/* c:\destination\
I've redefined my problem -
I'm working at a windows computer (which doesn't have SCP therefore ) 
and I wish to grab files from a linux computer.
So I use putty and I am now logged in as a user on the linux box and 
thus I am effectively trying to send local files TO a remote windows 
box? (the fact that
I'm using it is irrelevant at this point).
So would the sysntax want to be something like:

scp /home/user/source/*  windowshostname:c:\destination\

the destination is the bit I can't grasp, in linux it would be 
root at hostname:/path/ - how do you translate that into a windows host and 
will windows accept an scp connection like this?


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