[Wolves] linux certification

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 17 12:27:53 BST 2005

--- David Goodwin <dg at clocksoft.com> wrote:

> David Morley wrote :
> > I'm thinking of going for some linux learning
> official style.  Can people 
> > recomend sites for either descent free tutorials
> or sites for good all 
> > round entry level Linux Certification?  I see that
> there are many sites 
> > when you google but most of them are either set up
> for expensive business 
> > style week courses or are crap tutorials that
> don't really cover anything.  
> > I like the idea behind LPI but just don't have any
> funds at present.  I 
> > also like the comptia Linux+ but again no money. 
> I'm currently reading 
> > through the Linux online Tutorials
> > where I am finding out things I didn't know but it
> mainly covers the thing 
> > I've picked up along the way.  So any Ideas
> Please?

> I think there has been some talk of doing a lug
> training day (or am I
> dreaming?). Perhaps it's time the moths came out of
> the cupboard and
> something happened?

Yeah that was me, it was only a month back that this
was asked before and I suggested maybe we could do
some ourselves. You (Dave Goodwin) and Kat expressed
an interest in helping but only Peter Cannon said he'd
be interested in attending so I put it on the
backburner when things got hectic around here. I still
plan to do this at some point though, I thought it
would be nice to either video the training itself and
also do a vnc2swf screencapture with audio so that
people can access it online. But perhaps just the
training will do in the first instance.

If we want to push this along then maybe we can get
started. Decide who can do what, what to cover and so
on. I spoke to Jono about this when we were both a bit
drunk on the way to What the Hack and he said that
this kind of thing was needed, I can't remember what
else he said, but maybe he could help us focus on what
he is a seeing a need for from people who get in touch
with Open Advantage.

> If you just want certification, I recomment the LPI;
> you can undertake
> hte exams in Birmingham city centre in an hour or so
> (they're
> multichoice/fill in the blanks etc) and cost around
> about 50-60 quid per
> exam.

As far as recognised training goes, the LPI are the
one to look at. Red Hat do the RHCE which is obviously
Red Hat focused and Novell were doing certification
but I never looked at it since the announcement, it
might be NLD specific, it might not. The LPI are
distribution agnostic and are the most acknowledged of
the lot, I'll probably look at doing it myself some





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