[Wolves] MythTV on Ubuntu

trog trog at trog-oz.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 4 10:14:38 GMT 2005

On Saturday 03 December 2005 16:05, Andy Wootton wrote:
> Has anyone tried building a MythTV using the new Ubuntu repository
> version? I'm thinking of trying it with a Hauppauge card, currently in a
> Win 95 system but I don't want to seriously break anything at the moment.

The Jan 2006 isue of Linux Format has a huge article about MythTV and suggests 
the Hauppauge 350 & 250 as being suitable cards.  The article has detailed 
instructions on how to compile MythTV yourself; I've generally found any 
software that I've compiled myself works better than a pre-compiled version.
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