[Wolves] can someone please proof read this.

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sun Dec 4 17:11:26 GMT 2005

On 12/4/05, David Morley <davmor2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have set up my basic front page I know not all is correct code base
> wise but I want to check the content first.  I want to know if there
> are any mistakes with grammer or spelling.  if so get back to me
> please.  link is

Excellent work. One thing before the corrections, of which there are
not many: there is a possibility that these videos will get
Slashdotted or otherwise get a lot of attention. You'll want to think
about that in advance with respect to your hosting.

Corrections (as I say, of which there are not many):

>The idea behind this site is to give everyone who wants to learn
about linux a video tutorial to aid

(capital L in Linux)

>them. The aim of these tutorials is to inform users on how to
install, setup, and use many of the
>most commonly used Linux applications. My goal is to have the
tutorials updated every 6 months

(are you covering both Gnome and KDE applications? If not, you might
want to specify which -- whether you want to say "Gnome" and "KDE" is
open to question, but a novice user who's just installed SuSE will
find not much help in a tutorial aimed at the Gnome desktop. If you're
covering both then that's great, although you might want to perhaps
have two different "tutorial streams" or similar and say "stream 1 is
for Fedora and Ubuntu, stream 2 is for SuSE and Linspire" or

>so they include changes that naturally occur to improve the
applications, and to cover new
>applications that may have come to the forefront in any one area.
>The site is broken up into three levels of tutorial.

(headings don't get a full stop: that should just be "Beginner"
without the full stop at the end)

>This is the most basic of tutorials for those who have just
installed, or are thinking of beginning
>with Linux. These tutorials run from installing Linux through to the
basic desktop Linux system.

(note that you can't do a video tutorial of installation because you
haven't got an OS running to record the video, unless you record
installation in a VMWare virtual machine or similar)

>They also cover the most basic description of programs available on
the Linux desktop. This
>section is more of tour around the Linux desktop to highlight what
different Icons are, than a

(more of *a* tour, as mentioned)

>tutorial on how to use them.

(no full stop, again)

>This is for those people who have installed Linux and need to know
more about the applications
>available. These tutorials cover the basic commands of the Linux
system through to office and
>commonly used applications. This is really the first section that
teaches you how to use your

(are office applications not commonly used? "through to office and
other commonly-used applications", perhaps. Microsoft calls them
"productivity applications", although whether you want to go down that
terminology line is up to you)

>applications to a basic level.

(no full stop)

>This is the most advanced section on this site. This section covers
the most used tools in the
>Linux world and what they are most commonly used for. The reason for
this site only going to >this level, is that I believe this to be the
level of the average Linux user.

(no comma between "level" and "is")

>For anything you feel is a must to be added, please contact me by email at
>dave.morley at linuxlearner.org.

All good stuff, this. Marvellous work: now we just have to wait for
the tutorials and the text to go onto a site somewhere :)


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