[Wolves] RockBox on iRiver

Simon Burke simonb at geek-web.co.uk
Tue Dec 6 09:32:13 GMT 2005

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005, chris wrote:

> Simon Burke wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Right im bored again, and i've noticed that there is now a version of
> > RockBox available for my iRiver H320.
> >
> > Has anyone ever played with Rockbox? is it worth it? I'm probably going to
> > wait until its a little more stable for my iRiver, but could be twisted
> > into it, especially as it can duel boot, apparently.
> >
> Not much help to you, but I used to use Rockbox on my old Archos (this
> was back in the day and it was pretty much a laptop hard-drive with a
> lcd bolted on to it.) and I found it was rather good :)
I've just started to play with it this morning, and well it seems to work
as it should, nothing really outstanding to report really. It plays my
music, display is mostly in monochrome and there are a few little gems on
there like a tetris clone and a kind of pong kind of thing.

It's only crashed once so far, and im just gonna run it for a while to see
how it goes. IF ti crashes too often, its setup as duel boot so theres
always the old to fall back on.



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