[Wolves] Wanted: Ubuntu 5.10 Install CD

Simon Burke simonb at geek-web.co.uk
Wed Dec 7 16:37:02 GMT 2005

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Joe Wrigley wrote:

> Barbie wrote:
> > If anyone coming along tonight has a spare i386 install CD for Ubuntu
> > 5.10, I'd be very willing to take it off their hands. I don't have
> > access to a burner at the moment, so can't burn the ISO I downloaded :(
> I've given one to David Goodwin to bring for you.

Ahh.. I was a bit late there, i'll still bring a pile thoguh just in case
anyone else needs a copy etc.

It's odd i dont use ubuntu anymore but i still try hard to push it to
people. Maybe not that odd but, whatever.


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