[Wolves] Chalk one up for the mighty Firefox

trog trog at trog-oz.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 7 19:05:07 GMT 2005

Over the last few days at work, I've had several users complain that they 
couldn't send emails.  A check revealed that they were all using Yahoo 
webmail and trying to access it via IE on M$ XP boxes.  It was all very 
strange; there was a "To" field, a "Subject" field, an "Attach files" button 
and a link to click on to send the email.  Missing was the field in which to 
key in the actual text of the email.  Fine I guess if you want to send a 
blank email.  A quick download of Firefox and voila! all was better again.

One of the users is completely anti-Linux, anti-FLOSS, etc.  Basically as far 
as she is concerned, if the software hasn't got Bill's stamp on it, then it 
must be crap.  I pointed out to her that she has a choice; she can use the 
"crap" Firefox and be able to access her emails or use the "excellent" IE and 
have a screwed up email system.

Having won this battle, I then danced my way down the corridor, wondering how 
I can convince the admin staff to upgrade to Linux.   Like it says some 
where, "it said Windows 95 or better, so I installed Linux".   

(With apologies if this story appears in another email; I tried to send it 
yesterday but I think it must have gone to the bit bucket.)
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