[Wolves] A Victory for the mighty FireFox

trog trog at trog-oz.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 11 15:56:02 GMT 2005

Over the last couple of days at work, I've had several users saying that they 
can't send emails.  A quick check revealed that they were using Yahoo webmail 
and running IE (and M$ XP).  The screen display was very odd; there was a 
"To" box, a "Subject" box, an "Attach Files" button and a "Send" link, but no 
where to key in the text of the email.  A quick download of FireFox and when 
the users accessed Yahoo webmail, all was as it should be.

This is a real victory.  One of the users is completely anti-Linux, anti-open 
source, anti-FLOSS etc; if software hasn't got Bill's mark on it then as far 
as she is concerned it must be crap.  I pointed out to her that she has a 
choice; use the "crap" Firefox and be able to send emails, or use the 
"excellent" IE and have a screwed up email system.  I left her pondering this 
as I danced my way down the corridor!

Of course, the next step is to get Linux on the admin PCs.
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