[Wolves] Christmas Bash List!!

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 11:58:56 GMT 2005

Wolves LUG (Operating Ho! Ho! Ho!) - Wed 21st Dec 2005 - 7.30pm
Spice Avenue, Cleveland St., Wolves

OK, this is it - the Wolves LUG christmas bash. This is traditionally
the meet where people come along for the first time and we have guests
from other LUGs to pop in. This year we are in the new place and we
have *lots* more room. Those of you who have not been, or not been for
a while, come along! :)

Those who erupt with delight (Go's):

1. Jono
2. PeteC (Late with two girls in tow)
3. Aq.
4. Spline

Those who sometimes rock a big 'un (Late Go's):

Those who squelch (No Go Putrid Belchers):
1. Dan (stupid flipping works do in way grr)

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