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Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 14:59:57 GMT 2005

-- David Morley <davmor2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've been putting together a general script for the
> tutorials I am
> creating.  I decided to work on Ubuntu first then
> opensuse Fedora and
> finally mandrake.  This is where I hit my first
> problem with the
> swf/mp3 sync, It's way out I'll of got to the places
> menu on the video
> and the audio is still only a bit into Applications.

This may well be the Linux audio latency problem, not
being an expert here of course. When I did my Ubuntu
sound jingle, I found Ubuntu useless for it (not due
to latency) and used Dynebolic Linux instead, which is
no good for you because you want to do it on Ubuntu.

>  What can be
> done?

Dunno really, you could compile your own kernel with
the low-latency patches. You could record your video
and then add your audio later. How? Dunno off the top
of my head. You could pull Aq's script apart, run the
video at the same time as recording the voice, then
run the audio part of the script afterwards. Bit lame
maybe and not necessarily going to solve the problem.
I don't have a good answer.






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