[Wolves] Epson printers - any experience?

Paul Harrison milboromailings at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Dec 21 11:37:45 GMT 2005

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David Goodwin wrote:

> Epson (and HP) appear to have the best linux support for desktop
> consumer printers.

My old printer was an Epson and played nicely with any distro.  Hence
why I got a C1100N, as well as the fact that it came out very well in
Computer Shopper.  That mag has good hardware reviews that I have
found to be trustworthy.

The problem I had was that Epson gave conflicting advice.  Their
support pages recommended using the Stylus Photo 915 settings in CUPS,
but they were no-go.  Google threw up this Avasys site.  It's
seemingly run by Epson and provides
free-as-in-beer-but-not-as-in-speech Linux drivers for various Epson
products.  Stuffed with .rpms, no .debs, and precious few guidelines
re the tarball. Support forums seemed to have too much tumbleweed
blowing around.  Further diligent Googling provided the answers as per
my previous post.

I feel I've taken a step forward: probably the first time I've
actually come up with a good solution for a Linux problem that no-one
else seems to have documented in any detail.  Go, me :-)



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