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Andrew Lewis wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 10:40 +0000, Adam Sweet wrote:
>>--- fizzy <fizzyorguk at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>Wolves LUG (Operating Ho! Ho! Ho!) - Wed 21st Dec
>>>- 7.30pm
>>>Spice Avenue, Cleveland St., Wolves
>>>OK, this is it - the Wolves LUG christmas bash.
>>>This is traditionally the meet where people come
>>>for the first time and we have guests from other
>>>to pop in. This year we are in the new place and we
>>>have *lots* more room. Those of you who have not
>>>or not been for a while, come along! :)
>>>Those who erupt with delight (Go's):
>>>1. Aq.
>>>2. Spline
>>>3. sparkes (shingles allowing, two days before my
>>>birthday this year)
>>>4. Lee "Special Event Only" Jordan
>>>5. Howard Whitebeard
>>>6. Jayne and friend
>>>7. James
>>>8. Tom Jemmett
>>>9. Chris Scragg
>>>10. Alex Willmer
>>>11. Ron
>>>12. Ade
>>>13. Kat, with the now-annual cake
>>>14. David
>>>15. fizz - if I can find you!
>>>15. Ad
>>>Those who sometimes rock a big 'un (Late Go's):
>>>1. PeteC (Late with two girls in tow)
>>>Those who squelch (No Go Putrid Belchers):
>>>1. Dan (stupid flipping works do in way grr)
>>>2. SimonB
>>>3. Jono
>>>4. Jayne
> 5. spline (unexpectedly saving the earth from a spacemonkey invasion) -
> might be there a bit later, but unlikely.

6. Paul H:-(


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