[Wolves] GNOME + nautilus questions - hardware solution (?) for phone SIM

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 1 12:46:29 GMT 2005

>>>... all I really want is to be able to browse the
>>>contents of my phone and copy and paste. 
My daughter wanted a 'pen stick' for transferring her files between her 
Mac and her uni. Window-boxes. I persuaded her to have a Dazzle USB 2.0 
SD card-reader instead. It cost about the same but every extra helf-Gig 
costs £15 and she can also read her camera cards over USB 2.

I noticed that they do one for "nearly every" phone's SIM card too! 
Obviously it is Win-only but how hard can it be? (famous last words)


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