[Wolves] Spreading the word

Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 4 08:19:41 GMT 2005

 --- Baza <baza at themauvezone.fsnet.co.uk> wrote: 
> I've just landed myself a job working for a New Deal
> project that
> refurbishes old PC's and gives them to people
> without the resources to buy
> their own, and or, have no access to computers.
> Anyway, one of the funding problems was how to pay
> for the licenses  for
> Windows etc. Today I gave a presentation of what
> Linux and Free Software can
> offer, and sold it to them. We will be loading them
> with Ubuntu or Mandrake
> along with Firefox and Open Office.
> So people will have their first taste of computers
> by using Linux. This must
> be good as they won't get into a Microsoft Mindset.
> Baza

Excellent! :-)


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