[Wolves] Ubuntu! How good is this OS!

Martyn Carey lists at kryogenix.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 21:56:00 GMT 2005

Seriously cant get my head round it. As a desktop OS this is fantastic.

I have been using ubuntu for a while now and its great. Stable as hell,
secure no root for my missues to break, great apps firefox, OO and
Evolution what more could you want.

I installed originally off a cd apt-get dist-upgrade and baboom a few
minutes later up to date with no blue screens or reboots, class! apt-get
<some weird package> and its installed and ready to use great!

Samba No problems, bind different file structure to mandrake et-al quick
read up and again baboom its working. Dhcp Same!

Have not figured out an easy way to configure services/deamons on boot
but hey not all perfect. Also restarting services compared to redhat
et-al is a bit dirty but hey who cares!

All in all very very impressed


P.S its only because i read about it on here i decided to use it so
thanks to all of u!

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