[Wolves] Need a favour

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 18:04:51 GMT 2005

On Saturday 19 February 2005 17:08, Stephen Parkes wrote:

> about once every other night, when it's cold the natives set fire to a
> youth.  A good fat one should burn for a couple of days and keep the
> whole village warm.
> The byproducts of burning a fatty chav are two fold.  The burnt bones
> can be used on the soil to improve it and counteract several diseases
> making it possible to grow a wider variety of food, the fat runoff can
> be used to make soap which can be fair traded with the west in return
> for more fatties, flouresent jackets, and matches.
> Warmth, food and soap from a few fat kids who would be putting your
> windows in or stealing your car and filling it with mc donalds wrappers
> which they later use as tinder for to set it alight.

Ahem, careful, didn't Himmler do something like this?

1. Soap from human fat
2. Socks for u-boat crews from human hair
3. They used the bones for something, cant remember now
4. The gold teeth go with out saying

Mind you I've missed your controversial rants, keep up the good work :-)

New 'Under construction' page up and running done in Nvu (What no Frontpage?)

Peter Cannon
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