[Wolves] Linux-Compatible Webcam?

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 13:45:05 GMT 2005

 --- Tim Humpherson <tim.humpherson at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Does anyone succeed in connecting a webcam to a
> Linux OS, such as FC3 or SuSE 9.2 Pro?

Mine works fine with Ubuntu, but only once before did
it work with Linux - briefly under Debian.

> My webcam is a Logitech Quikcam Sphere and I know
> that from the
> Logitech website, it does NOT have Linux drivers.

As somebody else said, if it has drivers, the chances
are that Logitech didn't make them. This ain't Windows
;) What you have to do is search google for your model
and the word Linux as the good Mr Pope described.

> I'd be happy to accept a "generic" driver if it
> would WORK with the
> webcam that I have.  If it does not work, can you at
> least tell me
> which webcam would work BEST with Linux?

I have a Philips PCVC680K and it works fine. I bought
it before I used Linux and it's only by good fortune
that there is a Linux driver, though as I said above,
this is the first time in nearly 4 years I've had it
work reliably under Linux.

I also have another one (make and model escape me)
that Jono gave me which uses the OV511 kernel module.

Researching Linux hardware support before purchasing
is something I learned the hard way.

A reasonably detailed list of Linux webcam support is
on google:


You probably notice you're starting to take some flak
and although I've given you some myself, I do
understand how you're feeling: frustrated and lost
probably just hoping someone will come from the sky
and sort it out for you. This won't happen. There is
no little secret to Linux that everybody else gets.
Believe, I used to think that and I used to hope that
someone would just save me. I think Peter Cannon has
already said he felt like this. Now, both he and I are
starting to make really big strides I think and the
difference? A lot of reading and a lot of searching
google. Really, there is no other way about it. This
is why people are starting to get frustrated with you,
because you aren't trying to help yourself. For every
question, start with google and then your distros
support channels (forums, mailing list archives etc).
For example:

<Manufacturer> <model> <product type> Linux


Philips PCVC680K webcam Linux

The top hit is for the kernel module for my webcam.
The answer won't always be that simple and you will
have to try different search terms to get usable

Not attempting to search google, read the relevent man
page or your distribution documentation before asking
a question is a cardinal sin in the Unix world and
people will be unwilling to help you.

Don't take this as people giving you a hard time.
Learning to search and read what you find will teach
you infinitely more than you will learn by asking
individual questions.




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