[Wolves] php and GD

Gary gary at leamore.net
Mon Feb 28 13:12:00 GMT 2005

Create a small script with the phpinfo() command to see what options are
enabled in your install.


You should see a GD section with something similar to below:-

GD Support  enabled  
GD Version  bundled (2.0.28 compatible)  
FreeType Support  enabled  
FreeType Linkage  with freetype  
FreeType Version  2.1.4  
GIF Read Support  enabled  
GIF Create Support  enabled  
JPG Support  enabled  
PNG Support  enabled  
WBMP Support  enabled  
XBM Support  enabled


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Trying to get PHP 5 to use GD graphics module so i can use Coppermine with
phpNUKE, I have installed php and GD together with apt-get, but php refuses
to see GD.
Any clues on how I reconfig php to support it?


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