[Wolves] Bash/Linux on Windows

trig wolves at trig.org.uk
Wed Jan 5 14:15:09 GMT 2005


I'm going to be working in Windows for the next couple of weeks as I'm
writing some documents to do with Migration and comparisons between
Exchange and Linux based mail servers. I have to use different mail
packages in Windows to test this, and crossover is OK, but not a true
system for Windows users.

So because I'm gonna be in Winders, I could do with a way of feeling at
home and kicking open a bash shell to check a few things out, or being
able to start KDE/Gnome... I'm not going to install VMWare, because I'm
not paying for a licence, I was thinking of using cygwyn.. Has anyone here
had any exposure to it? What is it like? Does anyone have a decent HOW-TO
for it? I could sit and play, but I really don't have the time, I need to
get on and do these documents so I can be back in Linux ASAP..



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