[Wolves] Hard drive failure

Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Thu Jan 6 20:02:43 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 14:28 +0000, Wayne Morris wrote:
> Anyone help me out with this one.
> Maxtor 40 gb drive was mounted as a storage drive in a Fedora core
> system.
> On a reboot it came up with 'SMART error back up and replace''
> At this point it still mounted but most directories were missing, but
> kdiskfree show the correct used amount.
> Now it won't mount at all, but is detectable by the bios , hdparm
> reports correct parameters.
> Mount reports input/output error.
> mount -t ext3 gives 'wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock or too
> many mounted file systems'
> Any other tools to rescue this or is it ferked?
> Cheers

The error message suggests a bad sector in the superblock, fortunately
fsck.ext[23] can use the -b option to specify the use of an alternative
superblock.  Try "fsck.ext3 -b 8193 /dev/hd??" this might work.  If the
1st spare superblock is not found at this location, fsck will not
continue so it should not make the situation worse.

Good Luck

Ron Wellsted
ron at wellsted.org.uk
N 52.567623, W 2.137621
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