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Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Fri Jan 7 13:01:10 GMT 2005

Well, I think my HD is dead, got the click of death now, tried all options here and some disk utilities without joy.
I've got two choices at this point, I have an identical drive that I could try swopping components off or I could send the
drive to a recovery place - this is EXPENSIVE - one place wants £400+ but can't do it at the moment, the other wants £700 for
4 day service or £1100 for 2 day service! Don't think its worth it for a bunch of my mums photos!.

Anyway, now i'm going to reorganise my webserver which was:
10 gb main drive containing var, boot etc
40gb drive mounted in as a directory in www for webserver
80 gb drive mounted as a directory in www for ftp/web files.

I now also have a 250gb drive to play with.

I'm going to install Fedora 1 as its the only distro I know, can someone suggest a mounting scheme for these drives.
Ideally I'd like to end up with operating system on one drive, non critical data on another, and bulk storage on the 250 - stuff
like mp3's , iso's etc.

Should I just do what I know - install on a single disc first and then mount the other two - or should I install all three and adjust in
'disk druid' - the latter I'm not sure what to do properly.
When i've looked at settings before (letting it do it automatically), if you set up the pc as a workstation it gives you /boot , /usr, /root , /etc
as separate partitions - I started an install as a server yesterday and it only wanted to install /, /root and /swap 

Advice please.
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