[Wolves] New install options

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Fri Jan 7 13:55:56 GMT 2005

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> Well, I think my HD is dead, got the click of death now, tried all options
> here and some disk utilities without joy.
> I've got two choices at this point, I have an identical drive that I could
> try swopping components off or I could send the
> drive to a recovery place - this is EXPENSIVE - one place wants £400+ but
> can't do it at the moment, the other wants £700 for
> 4 day service or £1100 for 2 day service! Don't think its worth it for a
> bunch of my mums photos!.

What are you willing to pay? I may be able to help, no Guarantees of 

Dick Turpin
"Stand and deliver!"

Can't decide whether this is a genuine offer or a piss- take ;-)

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