[Wolves] New install options

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 7 14:46:45 GMT 2005

 --- Wayne Morris <wayne at machx.co.uk> wrote: 

> Anyway, now i'm going to reorganise my webserver
> which was:
> 10 gb main drive containing var, boot etc
> 40gb drive mounted in as a directory in www for
> webserver
> 80 gb drive mounted as a directory in www for
> ftp/web files.
> I now also have a 250gb drive to play with.

> Should I just do what I know - install on a single
> disc first and then mount the other two - or should
> I install all three and adjust in
> 'disk druid' - the latter I'm not sure what to do
> properly.
> When i've looked at settings before (letting it do
> it automatically), if you set up the pc as a
> workstation it gives you /boot , /usr, /root , /etc
> as separate partitions - I started an install as a
> server yesterday and it only wanted to install /,
> /root and /swap 

If I were you, I would just set it up as you want it.
I've never seen a partitioning and formatting tool as
part of an installer that didn't let you do specify an
'other' partition. Debian (v good choice for server
btw ;) does, I'm sure Mandrake did (v good graphical
partitioning tool, I still use my 9.0 disk for this
whatever I'm installing).

Is there no 'other' option? I don't know disk druid
personaly. That way you could make /var/www and
/var/www/bulk or whatever as separate partitions on
different disks. Just supply the device and the path.

Worst case you could install everything on one disk
and manually edit fstab afterwards and mount all the
new stuff.

And make backups :) We should probably have a thread
on making good backups if anyone wants to start it ie
not me.




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