[Wolves] USB hard drive problems

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 11 01:08:38 GMT 2005

 --- Paul Harrison <milboromailings at blueyonder.co.uk>

> A question.  I have one of these USB enclosures for
> a laptop hard
> drive.  It plugs into two USB ports, tho' oftentimes
> works with only one.

In my absolute naivity, this seems odd. Is it supposed
to use 1 or 2? This may just be a freak but things
aren't supposed to work intermittently in this way. I
don't know anything about these devices though.

> Ubuntu correctly reports how much free space is on
> sda1 (FAT32), but
> nothing else, sometimes you can view the top level
> directories,
> sometimes copy them, but that's it.  sda5 (ext2)
> works fine.

It works perfectly under Windows? All the time? I
might be hideously wrong but this sounds like either a
hardware failure or filesystem corruption. Have you
done a Windows disk scan? Can fsck do FAT32 anyone? I
just found this on google


Is there anything helpful in dmesg or
/var/log/messages relating to this device?

I might be barking completely up the wrong tree having
never used or seen such a thing but it sounds iffy.
Time and time again when I have thought Linux was
doing something weird, it turned out to be that
something was wrong with the hardware itself. Are both
your USB cables ok?

If none of this yields any information, maybe you
could just move your data off in Windows, format it,
put your data back on and try again. Ahh crap, I bet
thats your Windows partition isn't it?

Just my 10 pence worth, now someone else will come
along and tell you what is really wrong ;)





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