[Wolves] Fedora Core 3

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Jan 16 09:31:19 GMT 2005

On Saturday 15 January 2005 21:12, Ade wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 21:04:33 +0000, Tim Humpherson
> <tim.humpherson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me why my FC3 suddenly 'freezes' when I tried to
> > update the patch from FC?  When the red circle with white exclamation
> > mark appeared on the task bar, I clicked it and it came up with new
> > patches, etc.  I clicked it to update it, entered root password.
> >
> > All's well so far, and retrieved the header details, but when I
> > proceeded with the update, it did not do anything at all, just stuck
> > there for the last hour or so.  I can access any other applications
> > while this is 'updating'.  When I attempted to 'close' these update
> > programs, it responded with a "Program not responding. Click cancel or
> > Force Quit".  Hmmmm, classical problem aka. M$!?
> >
> > Any ideas?
> Try doing a "yum update" from a root shell

Hi Tim

Fedora uses RPMs not patches thats Suse, what was being updated? although 
Fedora project has now sorted out the up2date issue I would steer clear of 
that method, I do.

As Ade suggested use yum instead or, as I do, use apt-get with the synaptic 
front end (if you like GUI) its dead easy.

just do;

yum install apt-get

what I do next is probably wrong but works on my FC3

next do;

apt-get install synaptec (it might be synaptic cant remember the spelling)

you will get an entry for it on your menu, all the above and synaptec need to 
be run as root!

When it starts set the preferences, I always click on the refresh button first 
even though it does it itself then click on upgrade, I usually just click 
apply next as I don't have any fancy stuff on my FC3

It will then download all the updates, sort out the dependencies and apply the 

Up2date is generally a day ahead of all the other repositories so I just use 
the icon as a means of notification if it flashes red I look at whats 
available use synaptec wait about 30 minutes check synaptec again if the icon 
is still flashing I exit the icon and pick the update up the next day.

The beauty of synaptec is

1. You can see what is available and read a description
2. Mark stuff for upgrading or not as you so choose
3. It will look after the dependencies for you
4. If something is broken it will fix it (this happened to me the other day)

Hope that helps :-)

Peter Cannon
Suse Pro 9.2 & Fedora Core 3

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