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Katherine Goodwin kat at codepoets.co.uk
Tue Jan 18 14:48:53 GMT 2005

Forwarded from Westwales LUG.  David and I are very likely to go, and
may well be sharing a minibus or similar with some people we know from

Anyone else interested in joining us?


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I don't know how many of you are aware of this event, the Linux Bier
Wanderung (Linux Beer Walk). It happens primarilly once a year in the
Summer and combines drinking (particularly ales), hiking and sight
seeing, and Linux geekery. I've been to 1 in Conniston in the Lake
District and 1 in Bouillon in Belgium, aswell as organising a mini event
in Snowdonia in the past. This year it looks like it is going to be back
in the UK, in Scotland. I am probably going to go as I've not been for a
couple years now. Would anyone be interested in heading up?

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        From: Lance Davis <lance at uklinux.net>
        Date: 18 January 2005 13:10:00 GMT
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        Subject: [Lbw] LBW 2005
        Due to the lateness of the day - I am now going to
        recommend Drumnadrochit for LBW 2005.
        I believe it is in everyone's interest to book this as soon as
        possible so 
        that people can make holiday/travel/accomodation arrangements
        therefore I propose :-
        That unless any other complete and sensible proposal is received
        by 21st 
        Jaunuary  I go ahead with the booking of the Glen Urquhart hall
        Drumnadrochit for LBW 2005 from 6th to 14th August inclusive.
        I am away skiing from the 23rd to 30th - hence the deadline.
        The cost of the hall is £50 a day plus electricity - for the
        whol complex 
        - that is 1 large room , 2 smaller rooms, kitchen , toilets & 
        This compares very favourably with other options.
        There are lots of various chairs and tables in the hall - re
        sockets there 
        are 5 around the hall, plus doubles each side of the stage and a
        bank of 6 
        singles on the ceiling of the stage.
        The telephone will need to be reconnected (at no cost) to allow
        us to 
        order adsl that will be sponsored by uklinux.net for the
        duration of 
        For information on Drumnadrochit visit :-
        There is a good range of hotels and restaurants in the vicinity
        and a good 
        range of pubs - in particular the Benleva hotel - which is a
        rare entry in 
        the Good Beer Guide from so far North. http://www.benleva.co.uk/
        For cheaper accomodation the Loch Ness Backpackers Lodge  looks
        decent :- 
        They currently only have a couple of people booked in for the
        period we 
        are looking at and it is a 5 minute walk to the hall. They did
        say that it 
        does tend to get booked up in the summer and that people who
        wanted to 
        stay there should book as soon as possible.
        I have also spoken to the owner of the campsite at Borlum farm 
        and he has confirmed that he has space available for tents and
        would be 
        able to arrange a private area for us as long as we book early
        I would therefore recommend that all campsite bookings are done
        There are also a number of self-catering cottages/caravans at
        the farm, as 
        there are at various other sites in the vicinity.
        The walking is very varied, from Loch side strolls , to Glen
        Affric, Glen 
        Urquhart, the Great Glen Way and even to the Cairngorms some 35
        away. At a pinch the (now free) bridge to Skye is only 63 miles
        away ... 
        I have no doubt that the area offers exactly what LBW is looking
        for in 
        terms of walks.
        The nearest airport is Inverness - and there is an hourly bus
        from the 
        centre of Inverness to Drumnadrochit.
        There is a bus from Inverness airport to the centre of Inverness
        runs every 40 minutes.
        There is also a bus from Fort William to Inverness via
        Drumnadrochit - 
        for those who may want to take the West Highland train to Fort
        William and 
        then bus it.
        There are also buses from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Inverness :-
        In summary I do not believe that Drumnadrochit will be any more 
        'touristy' than Coniston and anyway - as a real Scottish
        location I think 
        it will attract overseas visitors , rather than put them off - I
        have no 
        hesitation in commending Drumnadrochit to the group.
        oh and :-
        Glen Ord and Glenmorangie are easily visitable ...
        and I even feel a visit to
        http://www.cairngormbrewery.com/find_us.htm may 
        be on the cards.
        Sorry Steve
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