[Wolves] apt troubles

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Wed Jan 19 08:40:51 GMT 2005

scared at geneforensic.mine.nu wrote:
> Do you want to continue? [Y/n]
> Preconfiguring packages ...
> (Reading database ... 126238 files and directories currently installed.)
> Unpacking libxv1 (from .../libxv1_4.3.0.dfsg.1-10_i386.deb) ...
> dpkg: error processing
> /var/cache/apt/archives/libxv1_4.3.0.dfsg.1-10_i386.deb (--unpack):
>  trying to overwrite `/usr/X11R6/lib/libXv.so.1.0', which is also in
> package xlibs
> dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  /var/cache/apt/archives/libxv1_4.3.0.dfsg.1-10_i386.deb
> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Is this a pure Debian machine? I remember having trouble similar to 
this; the problem is that the file /usr/X11R6/lib/libXv.so.1.0 is in 
both the libxv1 and xlibs packages. This is Not Ever Supposed To Happen, 
because dpkg utterly cannot cope with it. However, I seem to remember my 
similar problem happening when I had a Knoppix machine which was 
upgraded to Debian, and the Debian people said that it was Knoppix's 
fault; the Knoppix guys had changed some of the Debian packages around. 
The Debian guys' (typically unhelpful) response was "don't use Knoppix", 
as you can imagine. What you might want to try doing is removing xlibs. 
However, that might take away all your X installation and X programs...

I can't remember how I fixed this :(

A couple of thoughts. Be warned: these might break things, so don't do 
them just because I've suggested them. If your machine breaks you 
unfortunately get to keep both pieces, and I'm doing this from memory.

Force the install of libxv1 by installing it specifically on its own 
(apt-get --force install libxv1 (although it might not be --force, the 
man page will help here))

Remove xlibs

Force the removal of libxv1, complete the install, and then put libxv1 back

Again, be sure you're confident in what you're doing before you try any 
of these...


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