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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Sun Jan 23 19:39:32 GMT 2005

Andy Wootton wrote:
> I've finally got Ubuntu to install on something. Yay!
> Perhaps a box with an Nvidea card wasn't the best to choose for my first
> Debian install. I've fooled it into working and now I see why everyone
> is so pleased with it. I'm feeling the love, Jono.
> I clearly have a lot of reading to do but where do 'base-config' and
> 'Aptitude' fit into the apt-get story? Are they just 'initial install'
> and a 'friendly-front-end' for apt-get? Can I just start using apt-get
> now to install Thunderbird instead of this Outlook cover-band, Evolution?

I think you mean tasksel and dselect which are used in the debian
installer to choose packages.  This might have changed to tasksel and
aptitude in the newer installer.

appitude and dselect are things you can use alongside apt to make it
easier to use.  Unfortunatly for most users they fail and the
recommended ubuntu package manager is synaptic.

personally I only use synaptic once every few months to tidy up any
extra packages I needed for a short time and forgot to remove and I use
apt for the rest of my packaging.

just `apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird` to install thunderbird, it's
what I use.  infact I think evo2 crashed for me a few times when I tried
it out.

> Thanks peeps,
> Woo

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