[Wolves] Cheap mono Laser at PC World

Matt Warwick aozc15 at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jan 25 11:11:30 GMT 2005

I think you mean Wednesbury :p

I don't think Wednesfield is large enough for a PC World store ;) 

*content PC World employee*


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Everyone's favourite PC emporium, PC World have an 'interesting' couple 
of offers. They are selling the Samsung ML-1510 (2 MB) for £50 and the 
ML-1520 (8 MB) for £50. eBuyer are charging £50 and £90 respectively.

I don't mind robbing them for all the times they've done it to me. There 
were 4 or 5 left at Wednesfield tonight.


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