[Wolves] Webcams

Tim Humpherson tim.humpherson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 23:40:05 GMT 2005

Does anyone know how to connect to a M$ user, using their MSN
messenger, and wants to use webcam with me.

I been using webcam a lot on MSN Messenger on the XP, but now I am
moving away from M$ towards Linux.  Problem is that GAIM does not
support Webcams.

One interesting point is that when I am on GAIM under Linux, why is it
that other users (M$ users, obviously) could not see me 'online' but I
did not set myself to "invisible" mode?  Hmmm, any solution?

IT would be great to get my Logitech QuikSphere working under Linux,
but I don't know where to start from there, ie. drivers for the
Sphere?   The Logitech's website isn't of much help.  Can anyone?

Much appreciated.

Kind regards,


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