[Wolves] cron upload

Gary gary at leamore.net
Fri Jan 28 15:00:58 GMT 2005

I agree, use the mirror command http://www.sunsite.org.uk/packages/mirror/

DOS did have the -s:filename command where you could specify a file and have
the contents as such:-
Lcd ...
Cd ...
Mput *

But I'm not sure if this option is available in linux.


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On 28/1/2005, "Rob Annable" <rob.annable at gmail.com> wrote:

>What I'd like to do is set up some sort of cron job that would 
>occasionally upload the contents of a folder to my webserver via ftp.
>That way I could just drop in a file and it would do the rest for me.
>Any ideas on how to write the command?

Use lftp, specifically its "mirror" option. I've used that very successfully
in the past. I can't remember the exact details, mind.


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