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Mon Jan 31 17:53:06 GMT 2005

On Monday 31 January 2005 14:12, Mark Ellse wrote:
> When I balanced the significant costs of licences for MSOffice, the
> hassle of checking on licences, the support time needed to keep MSOffice
> up to date and the lack of MS support despite paying them loads of
> money, I felt that I was not getting value for money from MS Office.
> Now we have swapped to OpenOffice I find that (after the initial
> changeover) it actually needs less support time. Upgrading, etc, is much
> less painful than with MS Office.

Are the staff using OpenOffice or just the students?  At Handsworth Grammar 
the students use OpenOffice (or Koffice or Abiword) but the staff use 
M$Office on their laptops (of which I have nothing to do with).  They did try 
some laptops with OpenOffice but the staff complained and mgmt gave in. The 
teacher who has the remaining laptop with OpenOffice would regularly ask me 
to install M$Office, cus "I don't get on very well with OpenOffice".  No can 
do was always my reply; we have no M$ licences.  When I ask what specifically 
he doesn't get on well will, said staff member can't be tell me.  If he 
could, I might just me able so show him what he is doing wrong.  Methinks 
that he feels that as it is free software it can't be any good.  It certainly 
isn't a compatibility issue as most of our staff members don't seem to know 
how to move a file from one machine to another.   
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